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The Bowskill Clinic is an Interdisciplinary Centre dedicated to delivering World Class solutions in the fields of Rehabilitation, Lifestyle and Human Performance based in Central London.

As a Team we are dedicated to supporting all of our clients on their journey towards optimum health. We recognise the multifaceted components that contribute to optimum health and our goal is to help bring the right components together in the right order to produce rapid and effective results.

At the clinic, we also boast a large and very experienced team of CHEK practitioners. The CHEK system recognises that, although certain symptoms may seem familiar, each client is unique in both body and mind. Through a systematic process, CHEK practitioners combine an individualís personal history with the results of a wide variety of tests and measurements. These detailed assessments are designed to get to the root cause of a clientís pain or dysfunction, leaving no stone unturned.

The CHEK approach uses a hierarchical system of training that produces CHEK practitioners from level I, who are able to deal with basic orthopaedic complaints, to level IV, who are able to deal with more debilitating, complex and chronic cases.


Customer Testimonials

I first went to see Jon Bowskill in May 2000; I was 72. A scan a few weeks earlier had confirmed that I had spinal stenosis and an L 4/5 problem. I had by then seen three specialists, one of whom wished to operate... After about two and a half years I was able to get back onto the Real Tennis court, and at 79 I am still playing regularly once a week. I know that, even after having done the exercises for over 7 years, my back is stronger today than it was last year. I know my fitness depends on this ~ Michael Constantinidi ~
I had severe lower back pain, [which as shown by my MRI was caused by] lower lumbar disc degeneration and an associated nasty disc bulge. I worked closely with Andrew [Jackson] and the team at the Bowskill Clinic being provided with manual therapy, nutritional advice and exercise training. Thanks to Andrew and the team I am now feeling remarkably well and stronger and healthier than before my injury ~ B Bendtsen ~
I had an initial consultation with the Bowskill Clinic as I wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle and have more positive energy to maintain my work and family life. Within 6 weeks, the dietary advice provided to me along with a complimentary exercise schedule had changed my lifestyle completely. I was fitter, had more energy and had lost close to 10kg in weight. Several months on, I have fully adopted the whole lifestyle approach that the clinic advocates, I have more energy, greater focus, better sleep and am able to maintain a more muscular and 15kg leaner physique. I wholeheartedly recommend Graemeís work and that of the clinic ~ JM ~
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